Sunday, 22 March 2015


Thought I'd share some shots I took on Friday

taking the town by storm this weekend. 

Such a lovely hangout 

for coffee lovers to unite. 

Spending an afternoon with the camera

while downing the black magic

was quite a treat! 

Tänä viikonloppuna Kattilahallin valtasi

jossa oli ilo olla kuvaamassa 

kahvin ryystämisen lomassa.

Vielä ehtii mukaan,

jos vauhdilla kipittää.

Saturday, 21 March 2015


{Kate Bosworth photographed by Steven Pan for Edit Magazine}

{James Blake: Retrograde}

And with these,

a sweet night. 


Sunday, 8 March 2015


Way back in my uni days,

I rented a room in an apartment shared by four students. 

I had the former servant's room

- white-washed & high-ceilinged,

and I thought it was incredibly romantic.

 I furnished it sparsely

with all things white and vintagey,

letters and diaries stashed in an old battered suitcase.

I'd close the door and enter a world of my own.

By night I'd sit on the wide window ledge,

marveling at the starry skies above

and listening to the trams 

taking a bend somewhere below. 

A time filled with dreams and insecurities,

coupled with an incessant 

hunger for beauty and meaning. 

(I remember waking up in the mornings

with a kind of mantra on my mind: 

"Today, I want to do everything 

with as much beauty as I can.")

In the first autumn semester,

I chose to read 

Virginia Woolf's Mrs Dalloway

as part of a course. 

Throughout my subsequent lit studies,

it was V. Woolf who shone above the rest

-  her delicious drift-of-thought language

that one wanted to read out loud, quiet and slow,

tasting each word on the lips.

Words that weren't preoccupied 

with unnecessary facts and characters,

but evoked emotion and a longing,

crawled under the skin,

entangled with one's dreams...

A long time since then,

with much that has changed...

yet so much that actually hasn't.

Like one's love for white,

apartments old and vintagey,

Virginia Woolf,

the sound of trams, 

stars and city skies...

and an incessant yearning for beauty.


Saturday, 7 March 2015


Let's step into the home (well, castle)

 of Swiss interior designer Jorge Canete .

The building is of course magnificent in itself,

but I find myself drawn to 

all those paper whites

& chalky tones

& flights of imagination. 

According to the source of these images,

"a historical event, 
involving the writer and philosopher Voltaire, 
which took place at the castle a long time ago, 
triggered  his inspiration; 
the story can literally be read on, 
and heard through, the old, thick walls."

You will find more images

and the accompanying article here. 

All images via: My Day With,

found via Bien Chiné

Friday, 6 March 2015


Magazines, coffee & dark chocolate

never cease to do the trick...

Wishing you a lovely weekend, 

with a few visual treats up my sleeve -

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